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About us

About Us

Captive Risk Planners is a Texas based independent provider of captive and risk management services. We provide customized full services for insurance, reinsurance, company administration to a range of private and corporate clients after analyzing their needs and risks to include all aspects of forming and managing a captive insurer on an ongoing basis, with the help of professionals and industry experts.

The founders of the company have helped many mid to large size businesses with their risk management and business planning. They have built a team of experts from the captive and alternative risk fields and partnered with them to build upon those skills.

Captive Risk Planners is your one stop solution for designing and implementing a full service captive insurance program.

Our Slogan:

“A one stop solution prided upon service excellence in designing and implementing a captive insurance program to manage business risk by building up to 60% extra in reserves.”

Industries we serve:

Captive Risk Planner, LLC has worked with many firms both in the Public and Private sector. Our client relationships and products traverse various Industry classes included and not limited to:

  • Real Estate Management Companies
  • The Medical Profession
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Restaurant Franchises
  • Habitational Risks
  • Data software and design E & O
  • International Trade
  • Professionals both Medical and Legal
  • IT Solutions
  • Grocery Stores/chains
Research and Service Excellence approach:

CRP’s team of experts and consultants spend considerable time in research and development, apprising our clients of new industry developments, new insurance regulations, changes in captive tax laws and changes in the global financial environment.

Our proactive and not reactive approach saves costs allowing us to offer world class services at all the time. Our legal experts ensure that regulatory and compliance issues are dealt with by contributing to a professional management environment for our esteemed clients.