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Captive Risk Planners (CRP) are a firm of Risk Management Professionals specializing in the Formation and Management of Captive Insurance Companies, with operations traversing various diverse markets in the United States and Abroad. CRP’s unique ability to integrate various financial disciplines into an unstructured operation creates “turnkey” results which are greatly beneficial to our clients.
CRP’s operation is based in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex and has a diverse, multinational base.

Tailored Risk Management

Risk Management Services are customized for each individual client.

Alternative Risk Transactions

CRP, have extensive experience offering alternative risk financing options.

Captive Actuarial Feasibility

After reviewing a client’s risk profile, current insurance policies and cost

Selection of Domicile

After completion of the CFS, CRP will choose the appropriate domicile.

Captive Formation

Upon completion of all above steps and determining the appropriate domicile

Captive Management

CRP offers customized management services tailored to a client’s needs.

Captive Insurance Program

In 2017 the $1.2 million premium limit will increase to $2.2 million and will be indexed to the Consumer Price Index. To make an 831(b) election, an insurance company must meet one of two substitute tests for each year in which it’s taxed under Section 831(b).To meet the first test, a diversification test, no more than 20% of the insurance company’s premiums can come from any one policyholder.

The broad classification of ‘policyholder’ relates the attribution rules of Sections 267(b) and 707(b) and a modified type of the controlled group rules of Section 1563(a). If one policyholder is associated to another, those policyholders will be treated as one policyholder for this diversification test.

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